Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3 of 60

<- the view from my bunk this morning. Why wouldn't europeans put windows in the bunks???

Here I am on day 3. I am already sick of so many things. Like the fact that the bathroom on the bus is only 4 ft tall so I pretty much have to take a piss while on my knees and the fact that if my cell phone (which doesn’t work but provides accurate time) runs out of battery I cant just plug it in. I need to seek out a power converter and then hope that the 2 outlets that are allotted to the 10 people on this bus aren’t in use (which they always are). Grrrrr… Today I awoke to the sounds of the pouring rain beating on the roof of the bus. Looks like im not getting off the bus today. We have a day off in Hamburg Germany (one of my favorite European cities) and I could care less. Not worth getting my only warm articles of clothing soaked over. I have also reached the point where if anyone fucks with me, even in jest, it makes me furious!!! i.e. me: hey is there internet today?? Tm: I don’t know, why don’t you get off you ass and figure it out. – I immediately went back to bed in hopes that I would slip into a coma and wake up 2 weeks from now in the United States of America.
Let me give a recap of the last two days: After we landed in Copenhagen for our time adjustment/acclimation period that proceed to be filled with disappointment and bad decisions. I slept for a couple hours in my hotel room upon arrival and then headed out for dinner with some associates. $40 for 4 steak tips sounds fair :( then I decided to fill the remainder of the day with the drowning of sorrows in the bottom of a bottle until 7 am. When the tour buses arrived, I was met with the pleasing information that the family bus I had been living on for the last 2 tours (because I don’t know when to say when) was not going to be an option for me and I will be back on the party bus for this tour and off to Sweden we went. Sweden wasn’t bad. It was rainy and grey and blonde. I saw no one from the Swedish metal band “in flames”. I had hoped that they may have just been hanging out. The concert was Dropkick Murphys, Fran Ferdinand, and Kings of Leon. I love the new KOL record so I looked at it as a ray of sunshine at the end of my day. The show went off without a hitch. All of our stage hands smelt terrible. Whats for catering you ask? The best thing you can give 15 guys who are sharing one bathroom!!! Chilli!!! That was a bad situation that I will leave up to your imagination. I didn’t give a damn about the Franz Ferdinand performance and I was allowed to watch kings of leon from their soundboard (best seat in the house). They didn’t blow me away but the were good. It seems like 2 out of four members of that band would’ve rather been somewhere else than on that stage playing an hour of music for probably many hundreds of thousand of dollars. After the show, I followed an old saying that I use very often, “When in Rome.” You want to put me back on the party bus then lets do this. I sat in my chair, and forced dudes to play drinking games, Drank about 100 budweisers (and an occasional corona) and stayed up until 4 in the morning watching the road pass and listen to music because I was mesmerized that it was completely light out @ 4 am. Well I’m off to “seize” the day. Ugggggggg!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 1 of 60

This afternoon I boarded a flight from Boston to Amsterdam. I am headed to Europe to start a 2 week festivals tour with the dropkick murphys. Even before I left the house this morning I already had a case of the euro blues!! Just thinking about the gray skies, rain every day, terrible food, bad dental hygiene, and being forced to work with people who refuse to conform to my American agenda is making me dread every moment. I am 6 hours into the 7.5 hour flight (altitude: 38,829 ft- speed: 569 mph - outside temp: -47F). I can already tell that this flight has made me sick. My eyes are dry, itchy throat, and I just can’t seem to stay hydrated. I am so bummed out about touring Europe that my upgrade to first class has not even satisfied me (but thank you very much to Ken Casey for the hook up). All they have done on this flight is shower me with all of the finest luxuries (steaks, finest of champagnes, a seat that goes completely flat, ice creams, new socks, a sleep mask, exotic fruits, etc etc) and I couldn’t care less because I know where this flight is ultimately going to land. We have a 1 hour lay over in Amsterdam and then we shoot over to Copenhagen to “enjoy” a day off before the tour starts. The 4 tylenol PM’s I took refused to work…. So much for my attempts to avoid jet lag, add that into the ol’ misery soup. This is day 1 of a 60 day tour. I don’t know how I am going to survive this run!!!! Wish me luck.
Blog 1.5
3 hour Layover Amsterdam – Of course it is raining. Why wouldn’t it be? Getting here and seeing the rain makes me realize that I packed zero waterproof articles of clothing. That wont cause me any misery. Ohh and thanks for labeling which restroom and is the men’s/women’s and refusing to acknowledge that toilet paper is available in ROLL FORM!!! NICE FUCKING CONTINENT!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Music as a Weapon 4 Tour Wrap-Up

I apologize for not doing a tour wrap up sooner because I am sure of one thing... I forgot a lot of things. This tour was probably one of the most fun tours ever. No rock star bullshit, just legit dudes everywhere. I would like to thank Matt Devries (guitar chimaira) and Adam Dragon (Video director - killswitch engage) for keeping me entertained a.k.a. drinking for the majority of the evenings. I fear that I would not have survived without you guys. And Chris (Samples - chimaira) for keeping the sloppy joes flowing. Enough of the sappy shit, lets get down to the stuff you guys want to hear about. 

Awesome days of mention:
Record Release Day - chimaira - the infection: During the day I was asked by Mark (chimaira singer) to print up flyers and put together a raging party to celebrate the release of their new record "the infection". Not a usual task required of a guitar tech but I promptly responded, "No problem". During my adventures throughout the arena hanging flyers and spreading the word, Dan (guitar player for disturbed) hits me with, "reprint the flyer!!! change the venue to our dressing room and tell em we'll supply the booze." Not a problem. To anyone who has never done an arena tour, the headliner's (in this case disturbed) dressing room is ridiculously nice. That night the rock show happened and everyone was looking forward to this raging party coined to be starting @ 11 pm.  Immediately upon our fashionably late arrival, Dan grabs us all and throws what he refers to as an Oatmeal cookie shot (Ingredients: 3/4 oz butterscotch schnapps, 3/4 oz Irish cream liqueur, splash of J├Ągermeister, splash of cinnamon schnapps) down our throats followed by the quote "5 of these and you guys arent going to remember a damn thing!!!".  These things are delicious, challenge accepted. The party was a rager!!! Everyone gave it their all. The next morning Rob Arnold (LEAD!! guitar player chimaira) put it best by recalling his last memory of the night as him yelling to Dan, "Hey this is #5 and I haven't blacked out yet!!!"... Blackout immediately followed that liquid touching his tongue.

Disturbed Bowling Day - To show their appreciation for the great success of the tour, disturbed rented out a bowling alley in Omaha. We put in a little pre-game drinking at Buffalo Wild Wings while I watched the first 2 periods of Game 7 Boston Bruins - Carolina Hurricanes. Then we made our way over to the bowling alley. When we showed up David (singer disturbed) was already well underway with the bowling.  We got our shoes laced up and began to bowl. Let me go back to noon time this day real quick when I called the bowling alley and asked the 400 year old woman who answered "Will you have the hockey game on the tv tonight?" Which she answered, "I dont see why not." So after I situate myself I proceed to older than dirt woman at the desk to please change the channel to hockey on VS. channel 216. Which she responded, "Honey, we get channels 1 - 7!!!" and of course there is no cell phone reception to keep up on my phone..... FUCK you OMAHA!! So I proceeded to bowl and bug the one guy who's phone was working to get me updates. The Boston Bruins lost in overtime at the exact same time a ice cold bottle of jagermeister was placed in front of me to ease my sorrow. And ease I did!! I dont remember much of the night.  I do remember my bowling abilities going to complete shit and throwing balls down other peoples lanes. How I got home is still a mystery. The fact that I made it my 8 am massage appointment still amazes me. I must have smelled like a brewery. Sorry to you Ms. Masseuse if you happen to be reading this.

NEXT Day - MAAW 4 - Council Bluffs IA - This is the very next day after the bowling extravaganza. I am not doing good. It is raining which I consider fitting after the events of the previous evening. But wait...a ray of sunshine, there is a hooters about 100 yards away from where the bus is parked. I LOVE HOOTERS. So I wake Matt (guitar player chimaira) out of bed and force him to go with me to hooters immediately because if i dont get fried chicken in me soon, the hangover is soon to begin. Half way through the meal, the fog in my brain is starting to clear and I think, "Hey I should invite some of these hooters girls to the concert". For no other reason other than it was our turn to throw a dance party that night and who likes a dance party full of dudes. 6 girls agree to come. They show up after our concert and they head immediately to the bus for the dance party. The night was going great. The booze was flowing, the people were dancing, and then it happened... Matt informs me that a hooters girl just stole a 12 pack of beer off our bus. Dont get me wrong. I understand it is only a 12 pack of bud light but my following action were based on principal. If you invite someone into your home (in this case tour bus) and give them food and beer and act hospitable all night the last thing your expect is for one of those people to try to steal from you. I immediately run off the bus and see this female scumbag standing outside saying goodbye to our sound guy. She has no 12 pack on her?? So I sit back and watch quietly. As she reaches the back of the trailer she pulls 2 (1 hers and 1 ours) 12 packs out from under the trailer where she had hid them.  I spring into action. I run after her and at this point she knows that she is caught. I politely ask her what the fuck she thought she was doing and immediately start to berate her about how fucked up her actions are. I snatch our 12 pack out of her hand and in the same motion throw a front kick into her 12 pack, which knocks it out of her hand and smashes all over the parking lot with the parting words, "Now you have NO beer!" That was a fun one :)
Again tour was great but I am super happy to be home. I do miss Tom Dice a lot though. If you dont know who Tom Dice is, feel free to google it. The man is a legend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So now we get drunk and steal things!!!

It is 17 days into this tour and the party ball has begun to roll. The snowball effect is alive and well. Every aspect of every day is getting more and more intense. The parties are getting bigger, the nights are going longer, and the karaoke machine is turned all the way up!!! A few days ago was the first appearance of the karaoke party. It was put on by the nice people in the production busses. Tons of music, food, and Natural Light???? All it took was me commenting on the fact that the last time I drank Natural Light, I was shotgunning them at the age of 16 behind the wall that wraps around flax pond. Moments later 2 cases lay dead on the ground with very clear markings of a shotgun party. The next issue was that they invited 40 people to a binge drinking party with no where to go to the bathroom. The only option was a dimmly lit hill in the distance. It would have been a very nice spot to quietly take a squat if not for the fact that 95% of the party were carrying flashlights. Everytime someone went up the hill they were kindly escorted by heckling, laser pointers, and when the moment was right, they would be fully illuminate for the pleasure of the crowd. The party did however come to an abrupt halt when one of the members of the band "Bury your Dead" decided to cannonball through the laptop that was supplying the beats.
I have been challenging a lot of people to $1 bets lately and my odds of losing have been fairly high. So far I have losts bets on: How long Jim Lamarca would shower for? What song Metallica would play first during their Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction? Whether Metallica would change out of their suits to perform? Whether Adam D would be gone from the party for more than 10 minutes (that was a $10 bet which I ultimately only paid him $4 due to a lack of currency)??? I really need to start making better bets.
The other day in Little Rock Arkansas was Adam for Killswitch engage's birthday party which was hosted by your truly. Adam had told me that all he wanted for his birthday was a beer funnel and a beer funnel was what he got. I supplied him with a beer funnel or a shotgun beer after every song in their set. They play like 10 songs and he was actually in pretty good condition after the set. Happy Borthday Adam!!!
Yesterday was a day off in in New Orleans LA... Anyone who tours know that taking a full day off in New Orleans is just a bad idea. Their drink are too strong, too big, and they are available to way too late in the night. Matt Devries and I started our journey to nowhere good at 3:00 pm sharp. We took a shuttle down to the french quarter and walked the three blocks directly to good ol' bourbon st. Our day was pretty well laid out for us. Go to Tropical Isle (the one right across the street from The Dungeon) and drink as many Handgrenades (a cocktail consisting of grain alcohol and sour mix... the exact recipe is a family secret) as possible. Once we cant consume those anymore we will go to the dungeon for beers. I came out of the gate way too quick. I am pretty bummed out about my performance. Last time we were in town I was able to consume 6 handgrenades in 4 hours and this time over the course of the whole day I couldnt drink anymore than 3. I probably shouldve eaten more than a grilled cheese before heading out. We had a blast even though I dont remember going to a strip club, or getting a cab home, or hosting a dance party upon my arrival on the bus, or going to bed fully dressed (including my hat) @ 10:30 pm. In closing, I would like to thank Matt Devries for sending everyone I know a text message last night that simply read "GRIZZ CANT HANG".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 3 - Music as a weapon

If you think killing time by walking around an empty arena in anticipation of the soft pretzel vendors to open...then I am having a blast. I am still very amused by the people in attendance. The band "spineshank" (who are headlining the second stage on this tour) is still pretty amazing. Yes I am talking about the Ozzfest 2001 era spineshank and yes they are back. We were briefed before yesterdays performance that we would most likely be asked to leave the stage during our set because of the extremely high chances of a tornado hitting the arena. It didnt happen and I was bummed. The idea of a tornado picking me up and throughing me somewhat in direction of home was the only thing that got me through the day. What else is going on? The one meal that disturbed allows us to eat every day (since may day starts @ 11am and goes to about 1 am) has been decent. Living the Dream!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 1 - Music as a Weapon - Waterloo IA

I am on the "Music as a Weapon Tour" Disturbed - Killswitch Engage - Lacuna Coil - Chimaira. I am guitar teching for Chimaira on this tour. I feel like I have done nothing on this tour but sit around and wait. Last night was the first show in what can only be descibed as the most BLAH town I have ever visited.. Waterloo IA. We got a total of about 45 seconds to prep for a concert in front of just over 4,000 people. Because I am a true profesional (may I remind you that I was guitar tech of the year 2006), the show went off without a hitch. I am going to make a constant effort to go with the band to meet and greets and other opportunitys to meet as many mutants as possible that attend this event. So far so good. A lot of people are wearing dragon riders (big baggy pants with chains, zippers, straps, etc). There are a fair amount of people rocking disturbed tattoos and David Dramen style lip piercings. My efforts to stay sober have already been beaten down by the overwhelming peer pressure put forward by Matt DeVries (guitar player in chimaira) and the boys in Killswitch Engage. I mean come on... these killswitch guys are hometown legends. My back up plan to learn moderation has also flown out the window. My third back up plan to only consume beer and avoid liquor has also not gone so well. Last night was full of various vodka cocktails and shots. Bus call was pretty early so not many "at the venue" shananigans were pursued. But we did however do a late night walmart stop which was quite entertaining. James Lamarca (bass player chimaira) and I both convinced the walmart manager that we had injured ourselves earlier in the evening and were in need of motorized carts. I carted around that walmart for which felt like hours and was having much fun. It definitely filled the void left by the lack of go karts on heavy metal tours. Other patrons at the walmart and the employees were not very impressed. I bought a $1 brick of reese's peanut butter cups and some batman briefs. I returned to the bus. Slipped into my nice new briefs and called it a night.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to dreaming about aliens.

So over the  last few days we were absolutely spoiled. Our old wooden bus (nickname: George Washington) had to be left in the shop for 4 days to have the engine block repaired. So we ended up cruising in quite possibly the nicest bus we have ever lived in. But now those days of living lavishly are behind us and we are back in the real world. Back to the realm where everyone personal belongings are strewn about because good ol' George Washington doesn't have storage space.  So now I sit here between 2 24 packs of miller light and a box filled with 2 gatorades, 8 diet cokes, a bottle of hot sauce, and a stack of drum heads. Life definitely just got hard again. Anger is the only emotion I feel now and it may be the only emotion I will be feeling for the remainder of my days. Last night I almost got in a fight with 2 chicks in dresses because i asked them if they were coming home from the prom and they responded with "no asshole, do we look 18?" which i promptly responded "no you definitely dont and learn how to take a joke you haggard, cranky, bitch." I was quickly removed from the situation and the night was put to an end. The night before that, I had to beg and plead to the ft lauderdale police about how they should not arrest me because when I pushed over a sign, I did not do it with malice and that I had not broken or even damaged the sign. They crudely reprimanded me and I was able to go to bed which was all I wanted to do at that moment. The night before that I had the opportunity to hang out with some great friends in Atlanta. They brought me to a rave, I made my best attempt at "glow stick dancing" and then put her to bed.  LIFE IS GRAND!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i've heard about it happening, but i never thought it would happen to me...

Here I sit in El paso, Tx on my second day off on this tour in 16 days. I dont exactly have anything lined up for today yet, but lets be honest people...IT'S FUCKING EL PASO TEXAS - probably going to suck. So let me bring you back to the evening before last. Hollywood CA - record release day for Unearth - all management/record label reps/a&r reps and anyone else that just love to buy a dude like me free drinks. But surprisingly I somehow managed to stay sober. Unfortunately I can not say some the same for our illustrious tour manager (whose named I will with hold because of ruining him professionally isnt how I roll, but for the stories sake I will refer to him as "Dudewhopissedonmelikeadog"). So for some reason I am the first person to go to bed around 4 am. On a tour bus there are a few things that will make a dude wake up pretty much immediately; for example: tour bus breaks locking up, sounds of a girl moaning, when someone touches the curtain to your bunk, and the very distinct sound of someone pissing where they should not be pissing. A few hours after i went to bed I was awoken abruptly to someone wrestling with my curtain. That person unknown to me at the time was Dudewhopissedonmelikeadog. He was so drunk that he was trying to get into my bunk because my bunk is comfortably located on the bottom where it is easy enough for anyone to roll into at a time of over consumption (the reason I picked it). His bunk is on the top which requires several acrobatic maneuvers to enter. So after him trying to force his way into my bunk for about 5 minutes and me trying to convince him that his bunk was above mine, I closed my curtain and positioned myself so he wouldn't be able to enter even if i fell asleep. Then I remember that all of a sudden his aggressive maneuvers to enter my bunk abruptly stopped. Curiosity got the better of me and i once again opened my curtain. The next site I would see was one that I will not soon forget. I opened the curtain just in time to see him reposition himself on all fours like a dog, lift a leg, and proceed to piss (through his boxers) all over my curtain, sheets, comforter, his own shoes and the rug. Fortunately there was enough depth to my bunk that allowed me to avoid getting piss on my person. Now you have to be very careful how you handle someone like this who is in such a deep state of intoxication but his next move was the one that blew my mind. Immediately after he completed "Piss on Grizz Fest 2008" he seemed to pull himself together and go directly to the  bathroom. Dudewhopissedonmelikeadog's actions ultimately would cause me to have to spend the entire night in the front lounge which was a lot less than 5 star accomidations. Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been beat on, snowed on, broken, and bruised.

I have now been on the road with the metal band "Unearth" for only 11 days. I've pushed the envelope of intoxication. I have now seen Nelly in concert (and even fixed his guitar). I've broken up 3 fights, been punched in the mouth, I've eaten 16 burritos, seen dudes puke, dislocated my right knee, eaten 42 boneless buffalo wild wings over 3 visits, been so drunk that I  don't even remember loading out, spent countless hours searching for dead bodies in wooded areas around the venues, tried to be turned into a vampire (its a long story), I have quit my job twice in drunken arguments, sprained my right ankle,  had an extremely infected left side of my face, got something that I have diagnosed as a minor case of strep throat, and strangely the only term that I can still use is: "LIVING THE DREAM". I am having a blast. We are riding in a bus that left Prevost factory on a beautiful afternoon back in 1987.  The interior is made of wood and the door opens with a crank like an old school bus and I love it. It makes me feel like I am living in an ol' cabin in the woods. So far on this bus we have shattered a rear window, broken a table, lost a window blind when the window smashed it got sucked out, broken the tile on the counters, a door, the paper towel holder, and the wooden lid that goes over the cooler. The best feature about this bus has to be that the engine pumps diesel fuel exhaust into the bunk area (where we all sleep). This is causing us all to have really weird/extreme dreams. For some reason, I continue to have dreams that ultimately end in someone in my life turning into an alien and leaving on the spaceship from "Flight of the Navigator". It is a reoccurring theme that I don't understand. Shows have been great. We are working up towards the Unearth record release date on tuesday Oct 14th. That should change everything about this tour. The record is going to come out and either flop causing everyone to drink more (if that is even possible) or the record is going to do great which will ultimately cause everyone to drink more (if that is even possible). Yesterday I got to deal with my first blizzard of the tour. I am talking full on roads closed, snow banks, break out the boots and the shovel...BLIZZARD. Unfortunately, the heaviest piece of clothing I packed was a light spring zip up hoody, which now sit balled up in a corner soaking wet. Definitely did not plan on snow.  A couple of days ago we had a day off in lovely Lansing, Il. This was a day not to be forgotten. Started the day with a 2 mile walk to target to pickup my prescription (reference the swollen face above), only to sit there for 3 hours until the pharmacy idiots and the health insurance idiots got on the same page and got me my meds. Ate at Applebee's (gross). Had to do a demo for every person on the wait staff about my tattoos (for those who know me, you know I hate talking about my tattoos), then went to hooters and ate/drink $100 worth of wings, beers, and margaritas. I feel pretty comfortable in saying that none of the hooters girls from the Lansing, Il sector will be appearing the hooters calendar this year. Built a beer funnel and went to bed. All around waste of a day. It was great. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

video blog!!

I would like to thank KYTE for giving us the technology to video blog this tour. The footage can be found here: - 2 days into this tour. I love America. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Updates!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today I was awoken by my hair getting caught in the fan!!!

So I have finally reached a level of depression where I feel like I can finally write again. I woke up today with a very sharp pain on the top of my head. Turns out it is a bad idea to position your fan right next to your hair. I am now minus 10 hairs in the top of my head, which are now caught in my fan and I am sure will ultimately break the fan. I also have an amazing headache, a gigantic wound on my inner thigh that looks like i got hit by a nolan ryan fast ball (which I have no idea where it actually came from) and this venue (jannis landing in st pete) sucks balls. We (chimaira) have been on tour with the cartoon Dethklok for like 3 weeks. Every show has been sold out and awesome. Here is a day by day breakdown.
DAY 1 - portland or - dont remember shit about it. flight there sucked. probably rained.
DAY 2 - seattle wa - i am pretty sure this day also sucked. most likely also rained.
DAY 3 - medford or - yes we left oregon to head north to seattle but now we are back in oregon. this was a day off - i have actually been to medford oregon 3 times - which i am sure it is more times then any other person that isnt from there. went to the outback ate some shrimps - drank some booze - the day pretty much sucked
DAY 4 - san fran - this day was great. I love doing work for nothing - woke up, loaded in, did soundcheck, building caught on fire, loaded out - rock show canceled
DAY 5 - Los Angelos - I hate this fucking city - went to the esp guitars factory which sucked - met up with some old friends after the concert - but all in all the day sucked
DAY 6 - Vegas - Gambled $100 on red - won it - blew my winnings -today was the exact opposite of great.
DAY 7 - San Diego - dont remember - probably sucked
DAY 8 - Tuscon AZ - chimaira headliner (off date) - nobody cared
DAY 9 - Tempe AZ - dont remember - hot as balls - sucked??? yup
DAY 10 - Englewood CO - didnt have time to go to my favorite strip club (shotgun willies) therefore this day sucked
DAY 11 - Albuquerque NM - Matt was sick - no one to hang with - day sucked
DAY 12 - day off at mall of america - saw the worst movie ever (the happening) - t.g.i.fridays - all around waste of a day
DAY 13 - Minneapolis MN - found a great new strip club - possibly my new favorite - no idea what it was called but I definitely remember where it is - drew stafford (hockey player for the buffalo sabres) came out because he is a huge chimaira fan. He spent like $10,000 on getting us in a vip booth. this day kinda didnt suck
DAY 14 - Lawrence KS - dont remember - probably sucked - i did eat Buffalo Wild Wings and it was easily the highlight of the day
DAY 15 - Chicago IL - :)
DAY 16 - Pontiac MI - CELTICS WIN IT ALL - besides that, the rest of the day sucked - got mustard on my shirt!!!
DAY 17 - Cleveland - I didnt have fun but matt sure did - denny threw up - hometown gig for chimaira - nobody cared - got mustard on my shirt again!!
DAY 18 - Toronto - Played catch with spicuzza during the day - ate some food - got mustard on my shirt for the 3rd day in a row - went to a dance club - only white guy in there - went to bed
DAY 19 - chimaira off date headliner in grand rapids mi - nobody cared - drank way too much - refused to eat anything with mustard on it - missed bus call by 15 minutes
DAY 20 - day off at my house - thanks karma - had an elaborate pool party scheduled with the chimaira/unearth boys - of course it rained but we didnt let that slow us down - we bought a gigantic orange cooler like you see on the sidelines at football games, filled it with 5 gallons of long island ice tea ($100.77) bought $80 worth of meat and consumed!!! heard the makings of the new unearth record, sounds pretty good!!!
DAY 21 - worcester - saw some old friends - i hate hometown shows because i hate having to entertain people, but this time it was ok. dislocated my knee trying to do a drunken bunk maneuver.
DAY 22 - New York city - cant walk, knee is in excruciating pain - hate this city - everyone here sucks - i want to go back home!!!
DAY 23 - Baltimore - got to hang out with some of buddies from home that have relocated to baltimore - ate a burrito - drove with matt in a cab for 45 to get to a strip club, only to get there to realize that the girl we were going there to see (Jenna Hayes) had already left for day and we needed to leave pretty much right when got there because neither of us took the time to see how far away the club was and we needed to be back for bus call.
DAY 24 - Philly - hung out with my buddy jared from the bloodhound gang - too much jager - ate 2 philly cheese steaks ( i still swear they are better in lynn ma) - metal twins were in attendance - i smoked two cigarettes because that made sense to me at the time - hung out with ms jessica matthews - went to bed
DAY 25 - Fayetteville NC - chimaira headliner - afternoon consisted of putting quarter sticks of dynamite into things to see how high we could blow things into the air - go to CHIMAIRATUBE
to see the footage. day sucked
DAY 26 - Myrtle Beach - no i didnt go to the alligator farm - if youve been once, youve been a million times - day sucked
DAY 27 - Orlando - no i didnt have time to go to any theme parks and that is great because they are my favorite things to do in the world and why would i be able to do something during the day that I actually enjoy. Drank way too much - had to be put to bed - i think brendan from dethklok is mad at me?
Cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

boy my life sucks!!

I actually got this voicemail today. "Hey man we (anthrax) are going on tour with Metallica in august and we need someone to tech for Scott Ian. If you are into it, call me back."

Monday, May 19, 2008

good ol' rock and roll

This 4 days with atreyu was a blast. I arrived in Costa Mesa - picked up by "the mess" and after driving for 90 minutes we finally arrived at my hotel that was only 10 miles from the airport. We took the same wrong exit twice (hence the nickname "the mess"). I was happy to see upon my arrival that there is a hooters in my hotel's parking lot. Anyone who knows me knows I love that buffalo chicken sandwich :) I went to hooters 5 times in 4 days. I became a regular and was welcomed with more and more charisma and hospitality with every visit. We also spent a lot of time at a bar called Johnnies. It is hands down the darkest bar in the world. But usually the drinks were on the house and the wait staff was great. It also allowed me another opportunity to hang out with Mr. Matthew Shadows of the Avenged Sevenfold fame and he was a peach. It was also a great to chance to catch up with some old friends... from playing bocce ball (a game of royalty) on Huntington beach with biggie and Jordon from every time i die... to drinking in long beach with iano, brittney, pete, and a dude that I thought/think was david lee roth. even though he reminded me constantly that he was not him, I am pretty sure it was. Then the day of all days rolled around - the 2008 kroq weenie roast (Metallica, offspring, pennywise, bad religion, racoonatiers, and atreyu). The show went great, absolutely flawless. Atreyu @ 3 - Done work @ 5 - drunk @ 7 - METALLICA @ 9. I know it is common for a lot of people to give metallica shit because there most recent album was uncompairable to the likes of master of puppets or ride the lightning, but boy do they still know how to perform a rock show. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a steel cage when it comes to showing emotion. I had tears running down my face like a 16 year old asian girl at a michael jackson concert when they played the song "One". The best concert I have seen in a very long time. I want to take a moment to thank metallica for making me believe in the fact that great rock shows (although few and far between) still exist. And now here i sit not on my way to play the second show in st louis which was scheduled for this evening, but instead i am on a flight back to boston. We were on board our flight to st.louis when the pilot came on the intercom and said that we were being held at the gate because only one of the 2 air conditioning units on board was working and they were working vigorously to fix the problem. 2 hours roll by as we are sitting on a plane on a 90 degree day with the AC turning off and on. I would like to thank motley crue for writing such an amazing book that allowed me to pass the time in the most enjoyable fashion for that situation. Mind you, after sitting there for two hours the band members of atreyu and their tour manager are starting to freak out and crunch numbers. They are now realizing that we were supposed to land @ 3:30 and play at 7:30 but now we were landing at 5:30 and how the schedule was going to be close. Right at that moment the pilot came back over the intercom and said that we were cleared to leave but we were going to fly with only one ac unit which means our plane would have to fly at lower altitudes. he continues to inform us that since we will be flying at l0wer altitudes that we will be burning more fuel (thinker air, more wind resistance, blah blah blah). So we will have to take a lay over in kansas to refuel the airplane and that will take at least 40 min to an hour. That sealed the deal, open the doors we are getting off. We get off the plane and off it goes with all of our luggage on it to st. louis. So I had to go to the ticket booth rebook myself for a flight home from california to boston and here i am. With no bags and no clue of when I will ever be reunited with my bags that are going to ultimately be returned back to california with the atreyu stuff and then hopefully shipped back to me. ha ha ha - they just made announcement that due to an oversight, there were no meals or beverages put on the plane. 7 hour flight... time to get dehydrated. Life is grand.
Flying still sucks.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A new version of the worst case senario.

Ok so every has the idea of the worst case scenario on a trans continental flight...a screaming baby somewhere within one's earshot. I got a new scenario for you... I changed my seat to row one because i hate when it takes forever to get off the plane. no it isnt first class because it is jet blue and they dont believe in the separation of classes. it is just simply row 1. directly in front of row one is the bathroom. directly to my left is the baby. 3 hours into the flight the baby has been absolutely fantastic. From out of the blue the very distinct smell of feces hits my nose. Not from the baby but from the 300 pound man who entered the bathroom approximately 45 minutes ago. Let me remind you that the bathroom is no more than 18 inches ahead of me. there are no barriers between the fecal odor protruding from this mans butthole and my sense of smell. Now I can't really fault the baby for this one but the baby starts crying and not because his teeth are bothering him or because he is hungry, but because 30 mins into the 300 pound mans poop convention, the baby has now spoiled his diaper and he just doesnt want to sit in it anymore. there is nothing the poor single father can do because there is only one bathroom on this tiny ass plane. which brings me to my next question of why the hell am I on such a small plane flying across the county? it should be big planes only. but back to the story. what makes the smell of a 300 mans turd smell even worse?? A baby with a diaper full of indian food and no where to change him. I hope this exits the bathroom promptly. Turbulence Sucks!!!!
I have resorted to sitting in clear view upon exit of the bathroom with my earplugs in my nose so the fat man will know my disgust when exiting the lavatory.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fucking Metallica

I would like to apologize to all my die hard readers. it has been way too long since my last post. I also need to apologize for this being my first ever mobile post from my cell phone which does not allow me to add a picture. I know you all love the pictures. I have been sitting home for about 3 weeks. you will all be proud to know that I only took one day off from drinking beers. much baseball was watched and I even attempted to work out one day. I ran 3 miles and realized very early the next day that "nope, runnings not for me". jesus I wish this guy sitting next to me at the bar at logan airport would shut up and stop talking to me. I don't care about how upset he is that they only have sam adams lager and not the seasonal sam summer. but anyways... I feel like I am spending my whole life at the airport lately. I have to fly all the way back across the country to do 5 days with the band atreyu. I know what you are thinking... "why would you fly all the way across the country in the middle of your vacation to work for atreyu...pfft?" well there is one very good reason for this. they are opening for a little band out of san francisco named METALLICA!!! I am so stoked (i need to start using the word stoked since I am headed to LA). it has been a long time since the band I work for played with someone I really gave a shit about seeing. sorry phil (all that remains) but I wasn't hustling to get done with my work everyday to watch your fucking nightmare of a perfomance. I hope metallica gives me the opportunity to write their setlist because I am sure my track selection would be slightly different then the songs the will ultimately pick. F.Y.I. the new dokken record is amazing and it is what I am looking forward to listening to on this upcoming transcontinental flight. well, I have to board this frigging plane. more post to follow!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are You Ready???

Well, The vacation is over. It was much needed. You never really can spend too much time in a heated roof to pool. Last night was the first show of the tour. I spent the entire day in a 6 X 6 room trying to dial in some tolerable guitar tones. (good thing I love my job or I may have killed someone) Everything was a mess, nothing that we ordered was right, we didn’t even get to go on the stage until it was our turn to play. But somehow we pulled it off. The kids loved it. There really weren’t as many people there as I had expected there would be but lets be honest people, this tour isn’t taking place in 1998. I am now sitting in seat 24 C on the 3.5 hour flight from Perth to Adelaide. Someone made the great decision of sitting all the bands on the tour together on the back of this plane. It is amazing. Let me paint a picture for you. Row 21 – Biohazard sitting around telling poop jokes and poop stories with the guitar player from bloodsimple at full volume for all to hear during the emergency preparation announcement. After takeoff I glance forward to catch a view that was truly unexpected. Evan from Biohazard just watching full screen pornography of himself and his wife (Tara Patrick) on his laptop. The woman sitting next to him looks less then amused but also too terrified to say anything. Behind them throwdown is quietly sitting enjoying the sounds of the movie Mr. Woodcock. Dude in from of me might as well be sitting on my lap he is reclining so hard. Ohh and the same guitar player from bloodsimple just spilled his entire beer that he received way before anyone else on the plane somehow. To the left of me is 8th wonder of the world. The 280 lbs human known as Brian Lareau (chimaira’s lighting guy). His side fat is just spilling over the armrest and onto my thigh, arm, and side. The entire left side of my body is soaking in sweat from the heat that is radiating from this human. Oh yeah and not to mention that the members of korn are up in first class. I haven’t had any interaction with them yet but they seem to be surprisingly approachable/nice dudes. It is really surreal to see this dudes just always where I am. Drink cart is coming – got to go!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


My sleep schedule is shot. I have been going to bed at 5 pm and awakening at approximately 4 am wide awake. There is nothing to do but lay in bed and hope to fall asleep. I have watched the same looping news program about 40 times. The days have been fun filled with pool parties, pina colada parties, trip into town for many expensive meals. This town is very expensive. It is usually about $30 for your standard cheeseburger. It kinda sucks but people need to eat. I am waiting for 6:30 am to roll around so the $35 sub par breakfast buffet opens and then I will head to the roof to watch the sun rise while sitting pool side. The first concert of the Australian tour is tonight and what is going to happen when my system goes to shut down at 5 pm and I have to work until 11 pm??? It should be interesting. I am sure there are going to be a lot of pictures with me yawning in the background. I am a little bummed out that I did not attend any of the activities I ha planned for my Australian vacation but it was definitely relaxing. I needed that. Well, I am going to wander the halls of the hotel and hope to cross paths with someone else suffering through jet lag. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have traveled so far East that I am now in the West

MADE IT!!!!!!
It feels so surreal that I actually am sitting here in Perth Australia. In my bathing suit with a sunburn on my face. I just consumed quite possibly the most delicious of pina coladas that has been poured. Nothing but the freshest of fruits were used in the production of this little glass of heaven. We hit the town last night. We were all pretty exhausted but when you travel that long to get somewhere you kind of feel like you at least need to go out and do something. The official travel clock was 22 hours of travel. I am now 13 hours in the future of everyone back in Boston so if you need an insight on tomorrow, just let me know. We have 3 days before the tour with Korn officially begins so I am going to go out now and soak up some more sun and drink some more frozen cocktails. LIVING THE DREAM!!

Bon Voyage!!!

Disclaimer: This blog was writtin in multiple entries throughout my trip from Amsterdam to Perth, Australia

Here I sit… seat 58C… Malaysian Airlines. 3 hours into an 11 hour flight. Altitude 10090 meters above sea level. Misery is setting in. The only thing keeping me and all other people circumnavigating the globe with me is the fact that we found the website for the hotel we will be staying at in Perth and there is a heated rooftop pool. Guess I am going to have to buy a blender. The lunch options were chicken shit with bunk rice or literally “fish with gils”. I declined to receive either tray. I have taken 4 tylenol PM’s and drank 3 glasses of red wine and my system refuses to let me fall asleep. I am very excited that the European portion of this venture is completed. It feels like this tour has already lasted a lifetime and I have another 2 weeks to go. I am stuck three wide in a row with 2 other full grown men whilst the prick next to me had a whole row of 5 open and he laid down before I could move over there. He is my nemesis, I hate him more than any other human on the planet.

Now I sit in Malaysia, no time to type really because I have to get on another 6 hour flight to Perth, Australia. I find it humorous that there is a cheers bar and grill in the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I assure you everyone there did not know my name.

Seat 16A on flight number 105

I can already feeling the sun beating on my shoulder and it is making very anxious to scream aloud “CANNONBALL”. As I plunge my entire person in the deepest section of the rooftop pool at our luxurious hotel. I got a window seat on this flight and I am not happy about it. Of course the “fritz” sitting next to me would not switch seats. We are working out the logistic of obtaining everything we need to make pina coladas without slowing our arrival to the pool area.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Loose lips make shorter trips

4 more days.. 4 more days.. 4 more days.. echoed through poor grizz’s head as he was stuck in a foreign land of ugly creatures, with terrible teeth, and deadly austrian vultures that could swoop in at any moment to steal your first born if not watched closely. The weather was a curious shade. He questioned how any vegetation could exist in this land with any sunlight??? As a last effort on the verge of starvation, he and his trust sidekick “the coozie” ventured for miles past war torn religious establishments and through what were undoubtedly active mine fields. Finally they were able to track down some the last mouth fulls of fried pheasant on this god forsaken island. 4 more days.. 4 more days.. After night fall, the creatures grew larger and scarier. Eventually all there was left to battle these demons was a barrage of metal riffature. Then from afar, a loud shrill arose and Sir Peavey had fallen. The one with the crimson hair’s abilities to persevere were crimpled instantaneously. With his last strength he reached out to Grizz and whispered the words “help me”. After a brief moment of trial and error Grizz was able to pick up the crimson knight and place him back upon his trusty steed. The battle was won and eventually all the creatures retreated. The dead were laid to rest and they rolled on.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

HI MOM!!!!

I spent the day in Scotland to day. Boy their accents are rad. I made sure to quote the movie braveheart in my shittiest of scottish impressions all day. I am pretty sure the locals didnt like that :) The highlight of the day was definitely accidentally stumbling across a T,.G.I. Fridays. You don’t know how sweet the nectars of the boneless buffalo fruit are until they don’t hit your lips for weeks at a time. A few Budweiser and fried food plates and the day was looking up. But without a doubt eventually the Europe blues slid in and bummed out was how I spent the rest of the day. Yesterday was fun. Right next to the club was one of those bar where they have like every beer in the world. I enjoyed a lager called Sammiclaus. It is brewed only one day a year. It is the strongest lager in the world (certified by the Guinness book of world records) at a whopping 18% alcohol. After the show, the club we played in Sheffield England turned into a rock dance club after we played. They didn’t play anything but the shittiest of nu metal songs, and we couldn’t have been happier. We moshed, we danced, good times were had by all. Then the tour manager and I exited the club to find that the bus was gone. Of course our asshole bus driver would drive around the corner and park just to teach us a lesson for being late to the bus. What am I 12? Only 5 shows left and then off to beautiful Australia. Hope I make it!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mom are you really going to wear those boots to meet my boyfriend?

Well Folks, life sure has been interesting lately. I was in Paris yesterday. In a little under 3 hours I saw the louvre, the arche de triumphe, and the eiffel tour. I did not go into, or up in any of these locations. I simply went there saw them and moved on. Bet you will never guess what the weather was like... it rained!! The subway system in Paris is actually pretty easy to navigate and extremely clean. I managed to do all this traveling with actually interacting with any frenchies which is a huge positive aspect of the trip. The venue was kind of cool. It was the original location for moulon rouge. It is located right next to the new and improved Moulon Rouge. You should've seen some of the characters that were in our dressing room. One woman looked like a raggedy anne doll if she was 45 years old and had eye brows draw on by a sharpy, then gained about 250 pounds and squeezed herself into this outfit that words havent even been invented yet to allow me to describe the hideousness of this "human". We hung out with Freddie from the band dragonforce. He brought out a bottle of what would be the equivelent of french moonshine. Lets just say that I will definitely never drink this stuff again. Then we got on the bus to head to the ferry to get us out of frigging main land europe and into the UK. Of course I made the great decision of staying up until 5 am drinking Jagermeister. Then I was awoken an hour later to go through customs. The custom agents did not like it/understand how it was possible that I had no idea how long I was going to be in england or where i am going to be when I am in europe. Why the hell would I know the answers to these questions? I live on a bus, I open the door and I am where I need to be and I am told what time to get back on it to leave at night!!! Then we got on the ferry. Everyone is supposed to get off the bus while it is parked on the ferry but not us. I am sleeping. They tell you to get off the bus because in case of an emergency they dump all the vehicles into the english channel. Not that sweet of a way to die but a risk I was willing to take. Now I sit in europe and I could not be happier (unless I was in america). I woke up, everyone spoke english, and chris and I went to a american style restraunt where we ate chicken fingers (buffalo and barbeque), nachos, and cheeseburgers. While washing it all down with Miller Genuine Draft. Time to digest!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

If I was Christopher Colombus I would've left too!!

15 people picked to live in a bus. When people stop being nice, and start being real. So we have all pretty much reached our breaking point. We are been in Spain for the last four days. Apparently the rumors are true… Siesta is a real thing. No one in Spain works from the hours of 1 pm – 3 pm. Some of you may know that most of my daily work is done between the hours of fucking 1 and 3 pm!!!! Thanks to whoever invented that one!!! To all the people who say, “O, you travel the world that is soo cool… go to Vigo (not named after the bad guy in Ghostbusters) Spain and then tell me how cool it is. So none the less, Spain was great. I went to a toy r us and bought a 3 euro (6 us dollars) Frisbee. It has helped get through some of the downtime. The final nail in the coffin came about 3 days back when I realized that was about to slide into my last pair of socks. Apparently it is impossible to get socks in Spain or at least that is how what tour manager Jay wants me to believe. 4 days later my socks are hard and I am not happy. I need new shoes and a whole bunch of socks. All I can do is open my suitcase, look at my stylish orange with blue fish bathing suit and tell myself that I only have a few more weeks until I will be on tour with Korn and sitting on the finest beaches Australia has to offer. We have lined up a few fun filled events to lift morale upon arrival in Perth, Australia. We are going deep sea fishing, parasailing, and all kinds of other fun water sports while sipping on the finest pina coladas Perth has to offer. THE ROAD IS HELL!!!


Anyone interested in following along with my trip visually, feel free to check out the pictures at - they are updated daily!!!


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Monday, March 24, 2008

A moment of Reflection

I remember sitting in class on a cold friday morning back in 1999 not being able to concentrate on Mr. Serino's math lesson for that day because I was going to see the Mighty Chimaira at Axis later that night. Now I sit surrounded by the swiss alps in the dressing room of that same chimaira. Best of friends. Boy life is grand!!!
Living the Dream!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter loyal readers. Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have just been too busy running around in the sun all day having the time of my life. Going to beautiful beaches, drinking pina coladas, and eating only the finest foods europe has to offer. I wish for the previous statement to be true except it is actually the exact opposite. Since my last post I have been to the shittiest parts of Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and now I sit in Frankfurt. Enjoying my second Easter in a row in the depth of Europe. It is just as bad as last time. No where to go to celebrate the holiday because everything is closed. So I will settle for my slimy, plain, hard breaded bologna sandwich (no mustard to be found). Last night in Switzerland was almost fun. Dudes got real wasted and they entertained me (sober) for the majority of the evening. Going complete out of order on the days. The show in Slovenia got down graded to a smaller venue because it was the same day as the European hockey finals - Slovenia vs. Austria. So nobody bought tickets. The venue looked like a scene for neverneverland (the one with robin williams). There were tree houses everywhere filled with dirty squatters. Our production office was in a gay bath house with a strange webcam inside the shower. Wonder who was watching me clean my butthole?!?! Then they brought us to this classy restaurant for dinner and we were all stoked... and then the food came out. Yuck!! Garbage!!! GET ME MCDONALDS!!! The show went well. Italy was actually OK. The Italians still refuse to speak English but I know they can. Finally good food in italy. A nice pasta spread with some sausage and grilled veggies. I almost killed a dude because I stupidly plugged an American light (which runs on 110 volts) into an European outlet which runs @ 220 volts (for the retards out there, that is exactly 2 times as much). At first the light was brighter than ever. I turned my back for 2 seconds, I heard an explosion, a scream, saw a huge cloud of smoke, and burn marks everywhere from the molten hot shrapnel that shot out of the light. I found it humorous while no Italians did. They wouldn't let me plug anything else in for the rest of the day without supervision. Played a rock show. Partied in the bunk area with the "Bunk Party Elite" (BPE). Drank way too much, went to bed. I dont really remember anything about the other days. I have a huge zit on my forehead and it is killing me!!! I cant wait to see wait today has in store for me!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matt DeVries still wears shell toes

Tuesday March 18th - So the rumors are true, nobody cares about St. Pattys day in europe. But we did. We went to the hofbrahaus Beer Garden and it still remains one of my favorite places ever. 5 big beers and a couple of jager shots and life was grand!! The big beers are 32 oz's each. Do the math. I ate some amazing sausages and had sauerkraut for the very first time. Turns out it just tastes like cabbage. After the hofbrahaus we stumbled into what I consider the worst strip club in the world. The strippers would yell at you if you would buy a private dance or buy them a drink. Apparently at some point our sound guy Brandon spit in a strippers face. Eventually I was able to drag everyone out of there. Who would figure, me to be the guy to drag other people out of a titty bar. Then we capped the night off with a trip to McDonalds because it wouldnt be a normal day on a european tour without McD's. Today my mind was blown... the sun came out!!! So much for my hopes of it raining every day of this tour. Gotta go!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


preparing to start my day off in Munich. What good does a shower do me if there are no towels? Going to the hofbrahaus. Going to drink big beers. You guessed it.. Still Raining!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Saturday March 16th 1:08 am
HOORRAY POLAND!!! Against everyone expectations, Poland is great. They must have thought we were frigging bon jovi by the way we were treated. We got our entire rider (for those of you aren't hip with touring lingo, a rider is the list of stuff you want, that you send to promoters in hopes of having the food and beverages you want available upon arrival). Prior to today we have only received local shit beer, water, bread, mystery meat, and a bottle of bacardi. Today were walked into what felt like a little piece of heaven: cheetos, nachos, mountain dew, gatorade, all kinds of chocolate products, beef jerky, turkey, brogies (ravioli type things filled all kinds of yummy goodness), mcdonalds, vodka, jagermeister, budweiser, and Jack Daniels. I just wasted to strip naked and roll around in all of it. The day seemed to drag by, but it was probably because all I did is eat all afternoon and sit around feeling sick because chasing 20 chocolates with cheetos, nachos, and jagermeister is never a good idea. Then it was showtime. I have been on tour with chimaria for 46 days and today I heard my first chimaira pre show chant. The crowd was pumped, the stage was ready, and iron cobra had been struggling through his challenge to drink a entire bottle of jack daniels before the chimaira set was over (which he eventually completed and to my surpirse was in amazingly good shape). The show was great, All the security were skinheads which always makes you feel safe. There are usually about 3 photographers at these shows but today there was no less then 20. All of them in my way the whole show. But none the less the show went off without a hitch. The band did a lot of sick jump moves during the show and I even convinced Mark (singer of chimaira) to pour water on his pants and change the lyrics in one of their songs to "i pissed my pants." Things like that keep me entertained during the set. Tonight I will not be drinking anything but water. I am exhausted because I was awake all night last night gripping my pillow hoping we wouldnt die. The tour bus was all the place because we were on dirt roads all night and these european bus drivers are cunts. They swurve all over the fucking road breaking and accelerating as hard as possible. At one point the bus driver locked up the breaks so hard, that I was awoken because how far my underwear went my ass due to the distance I slid in my bunk. I am still jet lagged and I want to get caught up on my sleep because tomorrow is perth and then a day off in munich (hofbrahaus). Hope I can have some fun. ADIOS!!
Rained all day again!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost track of days

Friday March 15th 4:06 am
It has been a few days since I have posted. Still Raining!!! I am really getting annoyed with how bad everyone on this continent smells. I had to ask a dude that lives on our bus to please make time to take a shower today. It is also getting really annoying that it is like pulling teeth to get some god damn ice for a delicious mixed drink. Food here still sucks but by the good graces of god there is an excellent sushi restraunt right next door to the venue. But why would they accept visa/mastercard? Yesterday was quite the amazing day. 65 people showed up for the chimaira concert. YEAH DENMARK!! The white cobra truly destroyed the pit.
This is a picture of white cobra:He is traveling with us until Barcelona.
I feel like I have been here for 5 weeks already. I just want to see the sun!!! Tonight I went to the bar with Matt (guitar player of chimaira) and Theresa (merch girl). It was a good time we hung out with Jared from the bloodhound gang. Theresa made me do some kind of horrible shot which was called a mexican. It was like tomato juice with hot sauce and I am assuming some sort of booze. But thats what you get when someone is your translator in a foreign land and you ask them to just get me whatever you are having. We were dragged out of the bar because bus call was so damn early. Apparently we needed to leave early because only half of the roads on the route from berlin to warsaw poland are paved. Sounds like fun. I can hardly wait. We played Mafia all night once we were all on the bus. Mafia is a card game with atleast 6 people that your objective is to try to bullshit everyone into thinking you are someone you are not. I got frustrated because no one would believe me, so now I am going to bed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 2?

Wednesday March 12 - 1:20 am
Today was a very gray day in amsterdam. It was a rainy gloomy day. I am not really sure where yesterday ended and today began. I have been awake for 36 hours and 21 minutes. Somehow we pulled off a somewhat successful chimaira rock show. It was just a day full of hurry and wait while we sat around and waited for our gear from AMERICA and our rental gear from europe to arrive. Today I ate a whopper value meal, a quarter pounder value meal, and a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Adios!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 1

monday march 10th 1:32 pm - sitting at boston logan airport waiting (2 hours) to board my flight back to beautiful New Jersey. I feel like I never should have left. For those who dont know I was supposed to fly home from New Jersey at 8:30 am but I neever got my wake up call so I missed my flight got to the airport around noon, all other flights to boston were cancelled for the rest of the day and I got to spend 6 1/2 hours on amtrak to get home @ 8 pm instead of 10 am on my 1st day off out of 2. I am glad that I did finally make it home. Saw good people, slept in my own bed, hung out with chauncey billups for a little bit (even though he was a little bummed that I was sleeping in his spot), spent some quality time with Caitlyn, and got to eat dinner with my family two days in a row. Life was good. There is something so comfortinge about drinking a few drinks with old friends in a local dive bar. I am glad I got to see the guy who performed a hit and run on my BMW 3 years ago and he was equally as excited to see big ken. That guy sucks. I also enjoy the fct that as we get older sitting around a bar with your mom and dad becomes more and more enjoyable. I am trying to not think about the fact that it is 1:30 pm on monday and I will consistently flying straight through 7:15 am tuesday - final destination Amsterdam. LET'S SMOKE SOME GOD DAMN WEED!!!Alright well I am going to go back to text messaging people and enjoying my phone for the last few hours that I will be in america. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!